Tim Palac

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I'm a web consultant working in Chicago. I educate and empower your business to take the journey into the Mobile and Responsive Web. I help guide the creation of your next site through great stories, strategy, and customer service. Together, we'll have fun building and launching your web presence.

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Website Work

I Divide By Zero Technical Services

I Divide By Zero

IT Services & Support

Christopher and I worked together on his website over a number of months. I hired a variety of contractors for design, code, and content, and then integrated with Wordpress. It's a simple 5-page responsive website that's meant to be used an extension of his business card. In the future, we plan to add case studies and tutorials.

Catharine Devlin

Catharine Devlin

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Devlin and I worked together on the strategy of this site from start to finish. She inspired most of the design, and I took care of the code. The site is fully responsive and built using Twitter Bootstrap and integrated with Wordpress. It has been pivotal to her internet marketing strategy, and I've also trained her in adding new content.

Advanced Biofeedback Center

Advanced Biofeedback Center

Medical Practice

I assisted Dr. Eschbach in re-architecting his website, as the design was quite outdated. The main goal of the site was to educate people on Biofeedback and get them in for an appointment. I contracted a web designer, a content editor, and a videographer to help. The site is currently #1 on Google for "schaumburg biofeedback".

Artisan Tea Merchants

Artisan Tea Merchants

E-Commerce Site

The owner wanted a place to sell teas and educate people on tea history and serving technique. I love tea so I eagerly took this project and worked with a designer to make it a reality. The site is implemented with Wordpress, uses WooCommerce for the shop, and integrates with Advanced Custom Fields for easier content management.

Articles & Presentations

Responsive Presentation at the Chicago Webmasters Meetup


I gave a speech, "Responsive Design Frenzy", at the Chicago Webmasters Meetup. We got crazy with media queries!

The Three Most Common Questions about Video on the Web


In this Ingeniux blog post, I address three questions most commonly asked about video across devices on the web.

Going Outside the WYSIWYG: Strategies for Structured Content


A post I wrote on Ingeniux's blog explaining how to properly structure content within a CMS for cross-platform development.