Tim Palac

Creating Websites With You

I'm a web consultant working in Chicago. I educate and empower your business to take the journey into the Mobile and Responsive Web. I help guide the creation of your next site through great stories, customer service, and training. Together, we'll have fun building and launching your web presence.

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Website Work

I specialize in creating responsive sites and migrating content to Wordpress. You'll see both types of sites featured in this showcase. To see more of my work, get in touch with me!

Riniker Rhythm

Riniker Rhythm

Wedding Entertainment

Jake Riniker and I got into business together when I was scouting for wedding DJs. I noticed his site was the best in the region, but it failed entirely on mobile devices. Using the same design, we re-did it as responsive for device compatibility. We also tackled adding and revising content using Wordpress for a better experience.

Catharine Devlin

Chicago Family Therapist

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Devlin and I worked together on the strategy of this site from start to finish. She inspired most of the design, and I took care of the code. The site is fully responsive and built using Twitter Bootstrap and integrated with Wordpress. It has been pivotal to her internet marketing strategy, and I've also trained her in adding new content.

I Divide By Zero Technical Services

I Divide By Zero

IT Services & Support

Christopher and I worked together on his website over a number of months. I hired a variety of contractors for design, code, and content, and then integrated with Wordpress. It's a simple 5-page responsive website that's meant to be used an extension of his business card. In the future, we plan to add case studies and tutorials.

Eating Disorder Dietitian

Eating Disorder Dietitian


Allison and I were connected through a mutual friend, since her contact form was broken. I ended up moving the site into Wordpress, replaced the form entirely, and converted the site to responsive design. Now, she can update her site content without anyone's help, and we turned it all around in about a month. Fantastic.

Articles & Resources

Lakefront Web Developers Meetup Group

Chicago, IL

I co-host a Web Development group with over 300 members. Topics have ranged from Sass to SEO to Git. We've recently shifted to a discussion format with readings.

The Three Most Common Questions about Video on the Web


In this Ingeniux blog post, I address three questions most commonly asked about video across devices on the web.

Going Outside the WYSIWYG: Strategies for Structured Content


A post I wrote on Ingeniux's blog explaining how to properly structure content within a CMS for cross-platform development.